A selection of woven pieces made on a 24 shaft floor loom during my Textile design degree. I focused on geometric patterns and optical play. Natural fibers (cotton, silk, wool and paper) where selected as well as naturally dyes fibers (Madder and Logwood mainly).

Dyeing & Natural Dyes

Dyeing textiles has a big place in my practice. Particularly experimenting with natural dyes using plants, barks, roots, leaves, fruits and vegetables. On the photos below, all the colours but the two in the middle have been achieved with natural dyes.

Screen printing

Silk Screen-printing is a technique with which I can easily print repeat patterns that I design. A few of these photo's illustrate the making of the print for the 17th century Indian Jama I made during my final year of university.

Other textile crafts

Here is a small selection of pieces i made using different fabric manipulation techniques such as sashiko, shibori, beading, punch needle, tapestry, appliqué and embroidery.  


Samples made during an internship at Pleat London where I was taught hand- and machine-pleating techniques. The internship took place just before the London Fashion week, a really busy time for the company.