Costume Technician, Textile Designer and Artisan.

Laurence Herbert

Hi! I'm a costume maker, seamstress and textile designer with a deep interest in everything fiber related. As a Costume maker I mainly work in the film and theatre industry. 

Azara Textile

Azara is a textile centred studio whose mission is to encourage curiosity, sharing and discovery. I aim to contribute to a change in mentality towards fast fashion whilst promoting a world centred around sharing knowledge and competences.

Azara aims to communicate its vision trough the creation of pieces which have the virtue of taking up space without imposing themselves, objects that spark dialogue and finds a real place in the life of its owner. Free from ephemeral trends, I combine tradition and innovation, promote slow design and have control over all stages of creation. I want to communicate a rich and lively aesthetic trough colourful practical and playful design.

Azara is :

  • A range of colourful customizable accessories.
  • A range of self-designed and produced eco-responsible fabrics.
  • Sharing know-how through workshops and conferences.
  • A consultancy service around textile projects.